Compact Road Triple-lizer


Compact Road Triple-lizer


This is the first triple-lizer ring for 110 bolt pattern cranks. What is this for?

There have been a ton of 50-34t compact road cranks being purchased in the past year. For some this new standard works great. Others may discover that they still don't have enough gear inches. So what does one do? Shelve your nice carbon crank and go back to a triple crank? Hell no. Now you can keep your carbon crank, take off the middle ring, add our triplelizer and a 24t(or whatever 74mm BCD ring you want) and you are almost set. You still have to change your bottom bracket to a 118mm, but you would do that anyway if you switch to a triple crank. Hmmm...50-36-24...try that for touring and hilly centuries.

• 7075-T6 aluminum

• Silver only (looks fine behind a black big ring)

• 36t and 34t

• Inner ring needs to be 74mm BCD

• Pinned and ramped

• Double chainring bolts/spacers not included (spacers are needed to space the triple-lizer ring's teeth and inner ring's teeth 8mm. A 3mm spacer will work with most situations, but it depends on the inner ring's thickness. A bike shop would have a range of spacers to experiment with.

• It may be desirable to replace your front derailleur with a "triple road" model, though some shops have reported our CD front derailleurs work well with touring triple cranks (48-36-24T). But if you don't like to fiddle, use our Alpina triple front derailleur.

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