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  • Patented shifting plate technology.
  • Snap Link III installs w/o tools. Convenient installation. Nice to have in roadside breakdowns. Removable w/o tools.
  • Pro, Elite, and Sport grades to suit performance needs and budget
  • Weight: 277g - 380g


• IRD-1010 Pro:

Shimano 10-compatible. Nickel chrome plated. With Snap Link III.


(compatible with Shimano and SRAM)

• IRD-991:
9-speed Pro Hollow Pin: 277grams and minimum pin power of 250kgf.

Snap Link Connector Link

With this link in place you can make your chain removable for easy cleaning or whatever.

- The 9-speed version is compatible with Shimano 9-spd and IRD 9-spd chains.

- The Campy 10 version is compatible with pre-2006 Campy chains and works also with the IRD 10-speed chains.

-The Shimano 10 version is strictly for Shimano.

-The Campy 11 version is strictly for Campy 11.