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CD Front Derailleur

Designed specifically for Compact Road double cranks like FSA's or IRD Mosaic C. Shimano front derailleurs are designed with only a 15t capacity. That is one tooth short of being optimized for 50-34t. The IRD has a broader range and its chain guide profiles are designed to work better with the smaller chainrings. Try them with 48-36t or other CX combos, too.
• Braze-on only, but it will attach to a Shimano adapter clamp.
• Bottom pull.
• 88 grams.

Alpina Front Derailleur
Same performance level as the CD, but designed for triples. Will work with standard road triple cranks, but it is optimized for smaller rings such as 48-36-24t or 50-36-30t.

• Braze-on style, but this includes an adapter clamp for 28.6, 31.8 or 34.9mm.
• Two models:
Alpina-d is designed to work better with Shimano's drop bar/STI shifters.
Alpina-f is designed to work better with Shimano's flat bar road shifters.